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This blog is a companion to our podcast The Everyday Knight, in which we discuss the application of chivalric principles to our modern lives; we seek to live chivalrously everyday.

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  1. HI, I used to play 30 years ago with occasional showings up in the interim. I’m currently lurking with the intent to rejoin officially when I get my garb/documentation skills up to my own standards.

    May I just say that the appeal of SCA–which I have reexamined in retrospect during tumultuous family and professional times–is its emphasis on ethical leadership. I did not appreciate this as a teen when I appreciated the opportunity to hone my carousal skills. Now more than ever I have been contemplating the truths evinced in facebook groups, YouTube shows, and podcasts such as Everyday Knight (which I have just discovered). Thank you in particular, Joe/Duke Eliahu, for a remark you made on the Chivalry round table discussion wherein you emphasized that ones first loyalty is to God. Thank you for modeling this, especially when the cultural meaning of the word describing my own tradition, “evangelical” has become a byword. Thanks to you both for being my electronic mentors. I trust you.

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