Chapter 6 – Humility

It’s a New Year! We hope that everyone had the Holiday they wished for. It seems appropriate that at the time when many are making resolutions for the coming year that we discuss Humility.

Among all the Virtues, we believe that Humility is one of the most elemental. Honest self-appraisal is at the heart of personal growth and true progress in virtually every endeavor. Whether it be in sports, martial arts or professional pursuits, true humility, the ability to acknowledge shortcomings as well as strengths is essential to progress and improvement.

Chapter 5 – Westerns!

The American Western was central to the national identity a generation ago. Through most of the 1950’s westerns dominated television prime time programming. It’s virtually impossible for that to have had no impact on the American collective psyche. We look at how those tropes and conventions echo to us now, and how they helped establish ideals of behavior, for better or worse, in the US.

Live at HMB!

Finally, our experiences and impressions of the Historic Medieval Battle meeting we attended in Novi, Michigan. A fascinating experience made possible by Rich Elswick, and the Detroit Fight Club.

Apologies for some of the poor audio quality in the interviews. Guys hitting other guys in armor makes for a lot of background noise. Who’da thought?


Our Expedition to the Detroit Fight Club

We had hoped to get our impressions of the Historic Medieval Battle combats out this week. We had a great time and talked to some interesting folks and saw some terrific fighting. Reviewing all the interview clips and editing them into our podcast along with our impressions is more challenging than we anticipated. But We are working on it, and hope to put it out as our next release.

A special thanks to Rich Elswick for hooking us up and getting us in. As well as all the generous people that took time to talk to us. So you should anticipate a very interesting Chapter very soon. Look for it!

Chapter 4, Honesty

We are all taught as children that being honest and truthful is ‘Good,’ and that lying and being dishonest is ‘Bad.’ We try to look at how the virtue of honesty is manifest in modern life and how, to varying degrees, it is virtuous. We also examine how, without being tempered by other virtues such as compassion, honesty can become a vice.