Chapter 16 – Everyday Carry, Pt. 1

The tools we carry with us everyday effect how we see and interact with the world. Being prepared for common, and emergency scenarios on a day to day basis can allow freedom, give comfort and support us as we go about our daily lives. This isn’t about weapons particularly, or even self-defense in general, although those are purposeful tools and eventualities one may face. Rather it is about all the items we keep about us that aid us in our pursuit of a chivalrous life.

Chapter 14, Civility

In this chapter, we take our usual wide-ranging approach to Civility and the practice of tolerance as virtues when in public discourse. We talk about when and where they are needed, and the possibility that it may sometimes be more appropriate to abandon them. Most particularly, the somewhat paradoxical, yet socially practical view, that we must not tolerate intolerance.